Faculty of Science

  • Computer Science: Luisa Rojas GarcĂ­a
  • Material Science: Holly Fruehwald & Mason Sullivan
  • Modelling and Computational Science: Azad Aminpour
  • Applied Bioscience: Vacant

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

  • Nuclear Engineering: Kimberly Fernandes

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Electrical and Computer: Afsaneh Towhindi
  • Automotive: Mutaz Keldani
  • Mechanical: Hussien Gohari
  • Engineering Management: Vacant

Faculty of Health Science

  • Health Science: Khyati Vyas

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

  • Forensic Psychology: Isabelle Simmard
  • Criminology: Vacant

Faculty of Education

  • Education: Vacant

Faculty of Business and Information Technology

  • Information Technology Security: Vacant

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