Executive Team 2016/17

President – Michael Greenberg

Hello everyone. My name is Michael Greenberg, and I will be serving as GSC President for the
year of 2016-2017. I am a Masters student in the Applied Bioscience program. I conduct research in the Computational NanoBioPhysics Lab (CNAB Lab), where I make computer simulations of the collective motion of twitching bacteria. When it comes to research and science, I am a renaissance man, familiar with biology, physics, and computer programming. Before coming to UOIT, I spent two years at UofT, where I studied Engineering Science for one year and Electrical and Computer Engineering the next. After that, I came to UOIT where I majored in biology, minored in physics, and completed my honours thesis in the Molecular Microbial Biology Lab (MMBL). Outside of school I mostly like to play video games or Dungeons and Dragons. I like to plan things and create stories and worlds in my head, and I enjoy sharing them with people who share my interest.

VP Events – Sarah Vollmer

I’m currently wrapping up MSc. thesis in Modelling and Computational Science. Favourite food groups: pizza and soup. Will “winter-over” in Antarctica one day. I’m the past President and VP Finance for the GSC. Mostly builds robots and finger paints with oils. “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”.

VP External – Elizabeth Selinger

I graduated in 2015 with a BSc. (Hons.) in Physics, and am now a Master’s candidate in the Materials Science program at UOIT. I study electrodeposited MnOx materials (computationally and experimentally) for the water oxidation reaction, with goals of water splitting for renewable energy applications. My research has lead me to spend most of 2016 working in labs in Turin (Italy) and Singapore. I am trained in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and have been involved with many clubs and philanthropic initiatives on and off campus, including ACM Women in Computing, UOIT’s Physics Society and Academic Skills Club, Rotaract / Rotary, and the Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity.

VP Finance – Daniel Pasut

Hi, I’m Daniel Pasut, and I am the current Vice President (Finance). I got my BSc (Hons) in Applied and Industrial Mathematics from UOIT in 2015 and I am currently in my second year of my MSc in Modelling and Computational Science. My current research is aimed at developing a model for evenly seeding cells onto an organic mesh, using cells that have magnetic particles embedded within.

VP Internal – Kyle Mills

I am a Master’s of Science student in the Modelling and Computational Sciences program working on the application of deep neural networks and machine learning to electronic structure theory.

Secretary – Amber Maharaj

My name is Amber Maharaj and I am the Secretary for this year’s GSC. I have a background in Physics (Energy and Environment Specialization) and am currently working on my Master’s degree in the Modelling and Computational Science program here at UOIT. For my research project I am exploring sampling models for machine learned atomistic potentials.