Society Elections

We're hiring! The Graduate Student Council (GSC) was established in 2002 at Ontario Tech University with the mission to support and advocate for all graduate students needs and interests. The council promotes a positive and enjoyable experience through different events during the school year, that aim to help students develop personal ...
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How To Engage In The Graduate Student Community

So you have some spare time (or you have no time at all but you just realized that spending all your time on research will eventually turn you insane) and would like to get to know other grad students. Here are some ways to go about this: Campus politics: Run ...
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Who Is My Graduate Program Director?

You can find a full list of all your points of contact on the SGPS website for each faculty following this link .This includes the name and contact email address of your Graduate Program Director a well as your graduate program advisor or administrator. General rule of thumb: Contact the ...
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Supervisor Issues?

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions 1) No, your supervisor can't just fire you if you are in clear academic standing. This is a very complicated process during which he will have to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions. 2) You supervisor or anyone else for that ...
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